First we clean the debris off your roof by using air pressure.  Once the roof is clear of debris and repairs needed are complete, we apply the Pyroshield 2000 using a low pressure sprayer. Mother Nature does the rest.

Pyroshield 2000 changes the pH factor of the roof to an alkaline environment. Moss, Lichens and Fungus grow in acid environments.  The cleaning action of Pyroshield 2000 will cause the moss, fungus and lichens to be gradually and harmlessly rinsed away into the gutters.  Your roof will return to the natural slivery gray color it had when it was a few months old.  The length of time required for this to happen can vary depending on the roof age, the level of deterioration, the pitch, quality of shakes and the weather.  It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months of rain action.  The Moss is no longer doing damage.  It's just a matter of waiting for the gentle action of the rain to wash it away.  Best of all, Pyroshield 2000 stays in the wood for a guaranteed 5 years due to crystallization.

There has not been a single failure of Pyroshield 2000 to perform as claimed since its first use in 1981.  After your roof is treated, you will receive a 5 year warranty against moss regrowth on cedar shakes and cedar shingles and a 3 year warranty against moss regrowth on composite and tile roofs.  This warranty is transferable should you sell your home.


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     Pyroshield 2000